HPC Checker

HPC Checker aims to be a simple android app with useful features to monitor the status of your jobs on High Performance Computing (HPC) servers.

When you run calculations on HPC servers, you typically want to keep an eye of their progress and see whether they are in a queue, running or finished. From my experience this usually involved using a laptop or desktop, which are not usually close at hand. I have designed and developed HPC Checker in order to provide this information on your mobile device after just a few touches of your screen.

The app additionally provides a summary of all the active jobs on the server. This is particularly useful to check the availability of the server and its load, and could help to plan your next job submission.

The app is based on connecting to the HPC server via ssh (secure shell). HPC Checker supports Sun GridEngine (SGE), Portable Batch System (PBS) and Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM) job schedulers and, in the near future, I am planning to extend the list with other popular job scheduling software.

I intend to keep this app free and without ads. I would really appreciate any feedback concerning the app and any support to sustain and improve it.