I am a member of a team dedicated to develop a novel nanocluster database, Web Assisted Structure Prediction at the Nanoscale (WASP@N), in which we intend to link a web-interfaced database and compute nodes dedicated to help scientific community to search, discover and disseminate nanoclusters.

The web-interfaced database is designed to:

  • to enable the users an access to the uploaded nanoclusters (i.e. search, visualise, download),
  • to calculate physical properties of the uploaded nanoclusters (e.g. symmetry, moments of inertia, electrical dipoles, etc.),
  • to find similar structures which were previously uploaded (i.e. by analysing the topology of the nanoclusters),
  • to perform on-demand analysis of nanoclusters (e.g. radial distribution function, angular distribution, etc.),
  • to perform on-demand calculations,
  • to provide a platform for the users to upload their own data and share it among the other users.

WASP@N is developed using: Java, C/C++, Fortran, HTML, JavaScript, and Python. The website can be accessed using the following link: click hereยด