About me

Welcome to my home on the web dedicated to my job and hobbies. I am a scientific software developer currently working as a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry in University College London and passionate about programming, science, new technology and languages.

My primary research interests and experience are in scientific programming and global optimization techniques. I develop scientific software which is reliable, scalable, flexible, and targets to solve complex numerical problems.

In my free time I enjoy programming for my side projects, such as developing a software suite for financial modelling, developing an Android application and engineering a flexible server-server-client python package for high performance computing.

Besides programming, I also enjoy studying languages, especially Japanese and French. Familiarising myself with kanji, trying to understand movies, literature and music in their original language and experiencing new cultures through out the language learning is one of the most rewarding hobbies of mine.

I am dedicating this website to share my experiences, challenges and ideas in programming, language studying and research. If you see a mistake or something that is not entirely correct, let me know and I will sort it out - this is what this website is all about.